Friday, 7 February 2014

With the wiggle of my nose!

As a child I loved watching Bewitched and I dream of Jeannie on the tele and wished very hard most school holidays that I could magically clean up my room the way they did. More recently I have been wishing the same thing again but now at least I have every day to get it done rather than spending the first few days off school avoiding, crying about and then finally getting the job done so I could enjoy my holiday.

I have found that while I was working things just seemed to get put in a pile to be seen too later and we all know that later can take a very long time so over the 7 months I was on contract those piles got pretty big.

We had a big sort out of clothes and toys just before Christmas as I wanted to make sure Miss 8 was not wearing clothes that were to small for her and all the rest got sorted into piles of good to sell, good for the Hospice shop and good for the school or in the case of those 3 sizes too small undies the rubbish!

Funny Valentine Cookies
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Our Extractor fan is way past being useful so I spent all day cleaning a greasy film from everything and really wished I had searched using my awesome homepage from the LBF for some easier ways to clean things as it took so long I no longer have the energy to vacuum up all the crumbs / dead flies I wiped onto the floor :(

I felt like this after I had finished 

Okay maybe it wasn't that bad but after not being cleaned on a regular basis it was pretty gross! Next time I am definitely going to hunt out something better than dish-washing liquid to clean it with.

Are you having a big clean up now the kids are at school too?