Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Kriss Kross will make ya!

and we could all do with a bit more of that in our day.

I recently spent a long expensive visit to my GP who recommended I take an easier approach to exercise until I have a recent blip in my health under control.
Not really something an overweight woman with an large midriff (which I like to call my sad dog) who has only in the last couple of years got back into the swing of regular exercise wants to hear.

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I have had a day or too to ponder what I am going to do and am stumped so I guess I will have to hope I get a chance to discuss my options at an appointment next week. In the mean time I have found out that bouncing on the tramp for 10 minuets is equivalent to a 30 minuet run. So getting a trampoline has now moved up the list over new running shoes, sorry feet :(

I am also crossing my fingers and toes and eyes in the hope that we win said Trampoline so Miss L and I can exercise together. I think it will also be great for her to build up leg strength for Skating and practice her moves for Judo.

Please help us win by reading my posts from this link, I would be ever so grateful.