Monday, 3 February 2014

Bringing Memories to life

I recently posted some photo's I took just after New years on a day trip . One was of the sea viewed from the dunes. It was an overcast day and the tide was coming in so the ocean was all moody and rough just how I like it.

It reminds me that even on a stormy day the world is only as beautiful as you want to see it and a photo does not need to be pretty or perfect in order to evoke emotions and memories that are happy.

I had this photo made into a canvas to hang in my bathroom as it is a room I find myself in at least twenty times a day as it is a walk through and it had a large wall space crying out for something to rest your eyes on.

 I love the moodiness of it and every time I look at it I remember that even though it was not the best day/time to visit the beach we still had a good time.  I think this is a better reminder of my family than a portrait.
 If you have any photographs that you love to look at that remind you of times spent, I whole heartedly recommend having them put on a canvas as a permanent reminder!