Friday, 31 January 2014

A Bouncing good time

As most of you know I enter a lot of competitions and have won my fair share of goodies over the past few years. Its not hard to do these days as most competitions just require you to enter using an email address or by providing some of your personal details to go on their database.

Some competitions however require you to give a little bit more time and effort and those competitions are the ones I love as it takes more than a few strokes of the keys to enter.
The past month or so has seen me giving more than just personal details to win a competition, it has required me to get back on the horse ( in this case the keyboard) and move my fingers in a slow arduous manner that is my terrible typing style to blog on a regular basis.

I have become a bit faster as the time has gone by but find I really do struggle when I have been tapping away for a good 10 minutes only to look up and find nothing on the screen because I forgot to click the cursor in the right place.

I don't really have a main theme to my blog, some days its photo's of things I like, other days it just me having a rant, sometimes it my own personal opinion on things that affect me and also you.... if there is any you's out there? According to my stats my blog readership has definitely picked up on a daily basis but I have no way of knowing if that is enough to help me win.

What is it I am trying so hard to win? a Spring Free Trampoline from Family Times for my daughter who squeals with delight whenever we visit friends with tramps and would dearly love one to bounce around on till her heart is all jiggled out!

They are a great family oriented free publication for parents in New Zealand and offer a wide range of advice for those with kids of all ages. Make sure you check them out, and if you get a chance make sure you vote for the blog you like the best here.