Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Five Finger Technique!

Yes you read that right 'The Five Finger Technique'
No this is not my take on Fifty Shades of Grey, its a reminder as the holiday season approaches we all need to use the correct hand washing technique.

After a recent soul destroying experience which totally ravaged our home I have become the hand washing warden and am not very forgiving to anyone who misses a crucial step.

Every parent knows the horror of a child's 2am chucking session and my husband and I are clean up pro's thanks to years of terrible car sickness but this was a particularly vile, cloying & eye burning experience.

Whilst we attribute our infection to the copious amounts of regurgitated chunks that our daughter managed to get from the head to the foot of the bed and the several times she retch-burped into our faces I am very sure this bug would never had made it home if the kids at school washed their hands properly.

Thanks to the power of my LBF Homepage search bar,  I found this informative image showing the

Five Finger Technique

Image from

(bet that name's not so risqué now huh)

I was thinking of using it as a Christmas Card for Miss 8's school friends.
Do you think the message would sink in or would the parents find it a bit much?

It would certainly be less offensive than the week of hell Hubby & I suffered!