Sunday, 8 December 2013

Run like the Wind

Earlier this year I competed in the Whanau Triathlon! It was freaking hard work but man did it feel awesome!

Photo taken by Kirsty Kaihau - that's me in the blue top.

In the six months previous to last years race I went from not being able to stand on my own due to an old back injury which was aggravated by a lack of exercise and a fall my daughter took while holding my hand.

Thanks to loads of hard work by myself of course and my 'Student Trainer Craig' from Massey University I was able to overcome my injury and work my way back to being able to stand easily and walk for more than 10 minutes without panting like an overheated puppy.

After a few months of hard yacka at the Gym I was ready to tackle
the Sport Manawatu Whanau Tri training programme which I am so glad I did.
Along with getting to train with a huge bunch of fantastic people I also learnt many tips and tricks along the way from the awesome Chris Sanson an amazing Tri-athlete who was very supportive and inspiring.

I have officially signed up for next years race and am getting into training mode by going for a 2.5 km bike ride before work and am looking forward to the outdoor pools opening up so I can bike down for a swim.

Bring it on summer, I am ready to sweat!