Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The End Is Near!!

Goodness Gracious where has 2013 gone last I remember it was July and I was pondering what type of birthday cake to make Miss L and weather I had enough jerseys to keep me snugly all day.

Now I find it is time to get ready for the Jolly fat man to visit and the ensuing chaos that comes with all that is Christmas.

After Miss L having a tough time with the move we decided to take her to the Christmas Parade which was a disaster.

I don't know who in their right mind thought that an non-motorised Christmas parade (2012) was ever going to be anything special was seriously deluded.

Watching mainly church and community groups trudge around the square on a hot extremely windy day trying to pull/push floats along with them was painful and very boring.

When we had been wind burnt sufficiently and were ready to head home Santa finally rounded the last bend followed by a crazy bunch of sugar fuelled children who were (I.M.O smart enough to be) following along side the float which was moving at a snails pace and scooping up all the lollies being thrown out to the one side of the road Santa was closest to.

This was never going to end well but I really did not expect the tears that Miss L shed when she realised Santa was going to pass by without even seeing her or throwing some lollies her way.

Thanks mainly due to the massive backlash about last years parade being so dismal, I hear this years Parade (2013) was such a huge success and it started with the roar of motorised floats once again.

Sadly we could not make it but I have seen photos and it looked like a fantastic effort was made by all.