Sunday, 1 December 2013

Shine a little light on me!

I am a huge fan of fairy lights but have found myself disappointed with the options available in local stores as no lights ever really fitted with the look I wanted to achieve.

So you can imagine the feeling that came over me when I read a post about this bed canopy
on Young House Love as they are just what I have been dreaming of.


I found several lights on Amazon.Com but found shipping was not available or they had an American plug meaning I would also have to buy an adapter to convert it.
After some very excitable words being directed towards my search engine for not performing to my ridiculously demanding standards I went into overdrive until I found someone who sold them in New Zealand.

Behold my little piece of twinkling happiness!!

image belongs to NJC Imaging

These lights are in White but there are several colours to choose from.
Click here if you would like a twinkling good time too!