Friday, 29 November 2013

A Flawless Finish

As a stay at home mum for eight years I had forgone most of the luxury's a childless lifestyle afforded such as great haircuts, well manufactured clothes and trendsetting make up.
After recently taking on a short term contract to operate a Photo-lab within a Pharmacy I have been surrounded with a massive array of mind boggling lotions, potions, creams and powders and have found my self struggling to find a foundation option that suits me without being too heavy or rubbing off on my uniform.

Neither of these looks are something I would want to sport on any given day

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so I have been trying out a multitude of options with varying success only to find with the change in season my skin tone has changed also and I have had to start the hunt all over again. Can I get an Arrrrggghh in here!

Fortunately I have been able to spend a bit of time checking out all my options and have found what I think is the perfect fit for me!

If you have not already heard about BB Cream then you need really need to check it out.

My personal favourites are the 

Its not for those who want full coverage but it does provide a sheer smooth look that blends nicely with your own skin tone and it is amazingly soft & silky without that heavy pore clogging factor full coverage foundations give.

It is also the only BB cream that goes on as a white cream and changes once you blend it on.
Check out this great Loreal video about how it works.