Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Songbird in the family

I have blogged before to anyone who will listen about my famous In-laws and yes it has been my most viewed page and Yes my two followers did enjoy it.

The stunning Sarah Daly is a very talented young lady she has Beauty, Talent, Brains and dedication to her passion , and one day I will wing my way to Scotland to bask in her sunshine ( hopefully soon) but until then I will just have to stalk her on the inter-webby tube.

A wee while before we moved Sarah emailed me a selection of her songs which we loaded onto our USB for the car and we have been enjoying listening to for the past few months. I love it when L recognises that it is one of her songs and exclaims that it is her favourite (yeah take that Miley Cyrus)!!!! 

The email that accompanied them touched on the fact that she did not have an album which I am sure is something that is about to change for her as some very exciting things have been in the works and I am sure it will not be long before her name is on many peoples lips and she is appearing on late night T.V shows as the guest artist and putting out a record for you all to buy.

Congratulations to you Sarah !!! 

I totally love that the ad on the bottom says "Super Deal" cause it is really!

Sarah and my brother In-law Lawrie Brewster have previously worked with Joseph Gordon-Levitt on a short film Sarah wrote and Lawrie produced in 2010 called Morgan.M.Morgansen which saw them jetting to America from Scotland to attend the Sundance2010 film festival. Since this Sarahs huge body of work has been contributed too, reused and adapted by many of the other artists on hitREcord and recently a number of actors read and sung Sarahs work at the  FALL FORMAL 2011 event held at The Orpheum in Los Angeles.

 Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Anne Hathaway

Gary Oldman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Obviously being a bonny lass in Scotland Sarah was unable to attend but if you would like to hear her sing check out her Youtube channel.

Clocks Back - Metaphorest
my most favourite of them all so far.

Well that's enough gushing and jealous pride from me I'm off to try and buy our first home /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ (my version of fingers crossed lol) Oh and P.S Lawrie you better hurry up and marry her soon!

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