Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Bake me some Snacks!!!!!!!!!

Yes I do love to cook but I am not so hot on the whole baking thing!! Most nights you can find me & L glued to master chef drooling over roast duck and venison meals when I really should be cooking our own dinner
(sausages & mash).

On our recent trip to Wellington I dragged W off to the appliance section at Moore Wilsons and showed him the mixer I am dying to own (yes actually dying) every time I see it I feel a part of me shrivel and die knowing it is totally out of our budget but a girl can dream.

Imagine my delight when I came across a competition to win one! I swooned a little, had a moment of bakers apprehension then downloaded the recipe I wanted to try out. I could have gone down the whole Garlic mash route as I am a master at that but I decided to try baking Coconut slice (technically not actually baked) but had to adapt the recipe due to a tropical fruit allergy.

This is my coconut free slice, we added toasted oats to the base as a substitute and chopped nuts to the icing. It is almost like a fudge ( I may have been heavy handed with the condensed milk) so I cant imagine it will last long in the cupboard so I am going to freeze it before it disappears!

Please head over and vote, you can vote for any recipe you want but if you vote for me and I win, I will make you tasty treats for free :) Also if you want to try out the slice we made you better come over for a coffee soon as I think it may get Nom nom nomed tonight!!!