Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Bathrooms & Burglars!

Recently we got a letter in the mail saying a very close neighbour had been burgled. It was a particularly windy stormy Monday night so even if the burglar had driven a car through the house we wouldnt have heard a thing but it did bring back a bit of anxiety about the experience we had in April.

It was a similar Rainy Stormy Windy night but was still hot enough that we could leave the windows down the back end of the house open, sadly our nice little up on a hill with hidden stairs and never an unexpected guest  in the nearly 5 years we had lived there bubble was popped in a spectacular crazy way leaving me feeling violated and unsafe. So much so I posted about it on my F.B page even though our late night visitor is not on my friends list! (i hope)

That post was picked up by an artist  Pedro Fins who follows peoples facebook status updates and turns them into illustrations. He has a very quirky unique style which I quite enjoy. He recently exhibited his art in Auckland and had the prints for sale.

This is the illustration he made of my Facebook Status.

I totally wish I could have afforded to buy the #1 print of my F.B status, maybe I can forgo eating for a wee while and see if #1 is still up for grabs! or perhaps some wealthy benefactor might like to spread some art love my way : }

Head over to Pedro's Facebook page and become his friend if you would like to see one of your status updates illustrated too.