Saturday, 24 September 2011

Ye Ha!!!!!

Sadly before we moved Horsey died and went to skip bin heaven.

It had its stick bent during some vigorous riding so I cut it off,  then it was violently assaulted during a morning tea we had before moving from Wellington. I told L it had seen better days and Mummy couldn't fix it any-more and  it needed to go in the bin before we moved.

The poor wee thing was so distressed but I could see her building up the courage to say goodbye to her precious. She carried it around for a few days before asking me if it would cry if she left it outside in the rain. I told her it would be happy to have a rest and that if she kissed it really hard it would know she loved it the best she could and now it was time to say goodbye.

I am still surprised by how well she seems to process situations and I am pleased that she chose to say goodbye on her own as I would have really felt horrible stealing it away in the night to skip bin it before we moved.

Those who know me well could tell you I am a tad obsessed with competitions; and yes I do win more than my fair share of goodies although I do pass most wins onto family / friends or I enter to win beautiful things for Miss 6.
It has been quite a while since I won anything for myself. I am still pining my hopes on Lotto or Big Wednesday or even an all expenses paid luxury Spa escape in the Marlborough sounds, dreams are free so for now I am happy with my lot!

One of my most yearned for items is a Little Old Nag - Handcrafted Hobby Horses and I am waiting with bated breath for the results of the latest competition although I know even if I don't win Miss 6 will be getting one for Christmas.

Possibly this one

Pink spot / vintage 
imaged linked to copyright owner

Or this beauty

imaged linked to copyright owner 

Horsey will be sadly missed but I am sure a new Nag would be more than welcome maybe I could get one for me too then we can have races and take bets!

Pop over to Sarah's facebook page and check out her beautiful Little old nags  she is celebrating her first birthday & you never know you may just find that faithful friend you have been searching for.