Thursday, 27 October 2011

A New Home For The Coopers!!!!

 Behold the beauty that is our new HOME!

 It's official The Cooper Family has a new place to call HOME! 

This is very exciting in the 10yrs we have been "one" we have always thought having a home of our very own was going to be out of reach!

I cant wait to move in so much that I have downloaded all the photo's from the Real-estate website and am busy planning where furniture will go, pictures will be hung and which wallpaper or paint colour will suit each room!

Miss L is very excited too and we are practising walking from the new house to her school in anticipation of the move. It is a great chance for me to check out the neighbours homes, where the dogs are and which homes have plants that I might like to borrow cuttings from. Ahhh I am in nosey lady heaven!!!

I am very proud of my husband for working so hard to provide this for his family also a huge thanks to a special someone who also helped us achieve this. Your love and support has been immensely appreciated!

Roll on November when we can officially call ourselves home owners with a permanent Phone number, fixed abode and financial responsibility.