Monday, 4 July 2011

The saying goes "3rd time lucky"

Lets hope that stands true for our recent and yes third purchase of Wii Rock Band. Life is full of drama's and this game has definitely been one for us.

It seems a part called the wireless dongle is super unreliable which has turned us from a band into a two piece!

It's one of those I should have known from the beginning kind of things, when the game arrived minus the microphone (two piece) then we buy a separate one and the guitar dies! arrrgh so on-line we go and purchase another guitar which arrives without the dongle (have i already said arrrrrggggghhhhhh!) we are still a two piece not a band.

3 weeks later the dongle arrives with a rattle  (you can already see where this going) and surprise surprise does not work! So after much cursing and sadness was had we drank whiskey and carried on as a two-some! 100 % bohemian Rhapsody vocals !!!!

Today I bought another whole set please cross your fingers and toes that this one works as intended because I really love this game!

Side note: it better work as we may have no Internet for awhile ( no ports on the exchange) so there will be a lot more time to kill at night.