Friday, 1 July 2011

Yay a New house for the Coopers!

So it turns out Real-estate agents don't care to much about helping you find a rental.
One young lady receptionist did go out of her way to show me photo's and go through prospective houses within the school zone so that I could drive around and look at them while her Boss (the agent) was at a "lunch meeting".... and  no I did not bother to waste my time or petrol doing that!

I ended up staying over at my parents (thanks to my brother becoming unwell that day & going to hospital ) and got a chance to check out the evening paper, which turned out to be a stroke of luck (totally the way we have managed anything over the years I am sure). The following day I drove over to view a house (private landlord - no agency fee's) that was the complete opposite of what is on our must have list and ticked a lot of the boxes on my I don't want list.....and I totally loved it!!!!

What's there to love? Mainly it is big, around what we live in now but square rather than rectangle and it has a large lounge with a gas heater and hot water. I cant wait to have a long, hot hot shower before turning the cylinder down so as not to burn my child! and I will enjoy having separate living spaces again - no more cracker crumbs in my dining / lounge / kitchen area to stick to my socks.

Oh and did I mention it has carpet oh my god how I have missed it! I can't wait to be able to sit on the floor again without feeling 100 year's old and having to do a weird 50 point roll just to get up!

Anyway here it is in all its brick town-house glory may it be a blessed little home for us over the next year or so!