Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Dinner & Presents

The time is flying past and what seemed like a pipe dream when I started this blog will be reality by this time next week when the movers arrive and start taking away the furniture.

Last night  I had the pleasure of some wonderful adult company over dinner with the lovely ladies from my P.I.N Group . I had asked them to decide which restaurant we went to as I am so wishy washy when it comes to choosing restaurants and was totally pleased that they chose a lovely Italian restaurant.....(I dream of one day roaming the streets of Italy stuffing myself full of all the gastronomic delights) so was very happy to indulge in some good food and lovely company.

I also enjoyed a good laugh as the girls had some very funny stories which had us all giggling on the way home!

I was very surprised when they bought out a gift bag during dinner and yes I did get quite teary eyed when I opened it to discover they had bought me one of these...

Image from  

I will miss them when we are gone but am hoping to substitute this

with this

Just Kidding maybe, not really yes kidding!

Anyway, moving on! It has taken me so long to write this post that moving day is actually tomorrow OMG when did that happen! I have given up on packing for the moment and am concentrating on general mucking about and trying to figure out my new phone which seems to be taking up more time than is surely acceptable.

I am sure the rest of the packing can wait till after the furniture is on the truck and Liliana is safely dropped off to spend a few weeks days at Nana & poppa's.

Fingers crossed that the weather clears before tomorrow, or is at least a bit less fierce than the Rain / Hail downpour I got caught in this morning!