Monday, 1 August 2011

A Day Of Firsts

Well here we are the 1st of August. (when did the last half of the year happen?)

Today is a day of many firsts in our house: Liliana has started at her new school, which lead to another first me crying! I know who would have believed it seem as I am the mean mummy who says "oh well hard luck" when she falls or gets hurt and I never never cry! At least not till today when I watched my baby interact with her new class and seen a new first, Liliana being unsure of herself, doubting her capabilities and looking like she might cry herself. I actually had to go for a walk around the class so I could wipe my eyes inconspicuously.

I have a few photo's which are an incredible pain to get off my phone (which really means I don't know how too) and she looks so worried poor wee darling darling.

It is also the first new month in our new house and already things are falling off walls, doors are breaking, fridges are freezing food or not refrigerating it and to top it all off my beloved dryer ( I know its not eco friendly but neither are wet undies) has started making a weird noise.

It is also the first day our cat has come out of hiding since we collected him from the cattery a week & a half ago. He seems to be a bit frisky and wants to play which is also a new trait of his (although not a first)..

It is the first day I have to myself and I am having trouble deciding what to do. I should go up to our storage shed and start bringing stuff back but I would rather go for a trip around the second hand stores (I have seen about 5 huge ones and know of a couple more across town)  to look for a cat scratching post and some toys so we can have a real play that does not end with faces being scratched.

It is also the first time I have seen a giant T.V in a classroom which was used to play song clips for the kids this morning! Far out I don't think we will ever own one as big as that!

Anyhow I type so slow I am running out of time to get to the shops before lunch so I am going to grab a bite now and head off.