Saturday, 18 June 2011

I love Saturdays!

Another Saturday has rolled around quickly and the house is starting to feel a bit empty now we have packed a lot of our junk precious items.

I still took time out this morning for my Vice listening to Tony Murrell on Radio Live doing his fabulous garden show which he shares with Helen Jackson a big foodie. He spent the morning focused on fruit trees and how to prune and espalier them. Is it wrong that I may have squealed a little when he read my e-mail on air!

During the show he spoke to Lisa Bowman from Twining Valley Nursery about growing a living boundary. Twining Valley sell a very unique product one I am sure I will be saving my pennies to buy!

Who wouldn't want a fully pre-grown hedge delivered to your door ready to plant straight into a trench in 1 meter lengths. I dream of a scented flowering hedge under my bedroom window as I do love to sleep with my windows open (at least I did, that's a post for another time)

I would also like to have a fruiting hedge along the street boundary. One of my fondest memories as a kid was picking Feijoa's from peoples hedges to fill my greedy belly with. They were so abundant that there was enough to feed plenty of small children on the way to school, these days most are gone replaced with ugly fences or wrought iron monstrosities with automatic gates.

Twining Valley also do a Mandarin which would be a cute edging plant for an entertainment area. Oh I wish I could magic up a new home right now!

Any ways I really should turn off the computer and do some more packing but Winter has finally arrived and it is cold cold cold so I might just snuggle in bed and do some work which I put off last night to play Zuma's Revenge (curse that damn frog). If you get a chance head on over to the magazines Facebook page Juiced Mag and like us.  

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