Friday, 17 June 2011


What is a Rental Agents Job? How is it that they can charge a weeks rent + Gst for doing a whole lot of F-all!!!
We have been actively looking for a rental property for over around a month now and the total sum of property's we have viewed a big fat 0. Why is this? seems that us organising a 2 hour one way trip to view houses on a particular day during a particular time frame is a bit hard for any agent to be able to plan for.

Yes I realise some places still have tenants but surely a weeks notice is plenty of time for them to pick up undies from the floor and hide the dog they are not suppose to have. I am not viewing with the current tenants in mind and really if they want their bond back the place should be in reasonable order anyway! SO whats the Hassle! Maybe I should become a rental agent and steal all the business out from under them!

Arrrgh I am over it already! I am sending vibes out to the universe to bring us a warm cosy home for us to enjoy and I am happy to wait until next week. Something like this would be nice.

Fingers & toes crossed aye!