Saturday, 18 June 2011

A Saviour for my crystal glasses!

Yes I know I said I was going to do some work but my Google reader was screaming out that I had a ton of unread posts to browse and am I glad I took the time to have a peak as I stumbled upon this simple yet elegant idea on The Ardent Sparrow's Blog 

A saviour for my collection of mismatched crystal glasses which I am sure Wayne would dearly love me to ditch! Oh so many pretties to look at. Internet how I adore & loath you!

So simple yet so stunning and they would probably look great almost anywhere. I could buy some little silver trays to display them on or a mirror like the ones at Trash Palace.  I picked up the cutest little tea trolley there for $3 on Friday. I am totally looking forward to doing it up once we are settled into our new place.

I also have making a new cover for Liliana's pram on my list of must do up things as the small tear became a big one during her leaving party! I am not really sure my sewing skills are up to it but I did make that cushion cover in 1 hour after skim reading a tutorial in a book at the library. I think the hardest bit will be finding a suitable material.

I hope I never forget the day we bought this!
Liliana was about 3ish and we had walked around 4 blocks to the Sallies shop from the car,  she pushed it all the way back down the main road with the biggest grin on her face .
I actually seen a number of people pointing with that" OMG that's so cute" look on their faces as they drove past.
Hopefully we get a place close enough to town that she can take her dolly's to the library in it!