Thursday, 20 February 2014

School Trip

I got to go on a school trip today with Miss L and I actually learnt something. 

Her School is using Science as the learning theme this year so we popped down to our local Museum to do some experiments.

There was an experiment which involved baking soda, vinegar and water and anyone who bakes knows that these react in a way to cause the liquid to bubble and expand which all the kids loved especially as once pop corn was added to there jars they could see bubbles carrying the kernels to the top.

Then they got to do another one swapping out the vinegar for citric acid and creating a bubble reaction inside a sealed plastic bag which was cold to the touch, then the same experiment but using damp rid (Calcium Chloride) instead of citric acid which created the same effect of bubbles rising up and expanding the sealed bag but this time it was very hot.

All the kids loved doing these experiments but were even more excited when the last one was demonstrated and it involved lighting matches. This is where I learnt something ( which I may have already known & then forgotten which is the beauty of memory loss) If you add baking soda and vinegar to water, wait for it to bubble then put a lit match into the top of the jar it will extinguish the flame....... how do the ancient scientists ever even manage to discover this?

I bet it must have been a type of sorcery when it was first discovered but not as cool as the tricks Dynamo does because we all know he is a wizard!

If you would like to try the final experiment the kids got to do today this video will show you how to make a baking soda & vinegar rocket.
 Please note it would be best for an adult to do the mixing and capping of the film canister as it can pop pretty fast. Best mix is  1/3rd of a tsp of Baking Soda and add 1Tbsp of vinegar.