Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Haves & the Have nots.

Well it seems the election year is off to a cracker start and the prominent party's are starting to unveil the policy's they think will swing voters with a big one being education. 

National want more managers overseeing the little guys on the pole making sure they are working efficiently and most likely to what ever standard National has decided the children must learn by this year, and most importantly not squandering the money allocated per pupil to finance schools and to do this they will only be spending $359 million.

I would much prefer to go with the Greens policy this time round , at a mere $90 million they want to provide free after school care, a free lunch, and nurses in every school. Of course there would need to be limits set on who is eligible but imagine all the new jobs it will create and the hungry belly's it will feed and the self worth of all those children it will help, children who will one day be taking care of us.

I for one want those children to grow up healthy and happy knowing that their country cared enough to put them first rather than create new higher paid jobs for people who already have one.

Lets make sure we look after the future generations not with our words but with our actions!
Get yourself enrolled to vote now because a vote not made is a vote wasted. This is the best time to let your opinion matter!