Saturday, 18 January 2014

Cheesecake Please!

I work with a lady who sits down to morning tea and opens the paper or what ever new magazine is on the staff room table straight to the horoscopes page.

In seven months I had not ever really noticed her doing this, but in the last two weeks I have been aware of it everyday. In my twenties when newspapers where everywhere I probably spent a bit of time obsessing over the daily forecast but as I have grown older, more settled and most likely because I am now able to access news in different formats I don't really think about Horoscopes until today when a post on Wired caught my eye.

It was a twist on the traditional star based Horoscope and instead featured my favourite food

It is my birthday soon and as I am not that fussed about sweet cakes but  I would love a "Cheese Cake" like this, 

Or this 
or even this

but am not really that fussed about the Buffalo Mozzarella recommended in my horoscope. I think I would actually prefer a sweet cake to that for a birthday treat. Some thing like this perhaps. 

or this as I love almonds

Well I think I have made myself hungry again and its only a freckle past a hair past breakfast.
I hope your Cheese horoscope is a tastier morsel than mine.