Monday, 13 January 2014

Smack That!

I am determined to have a fan installed into our dining room as I believe it will help with the horrid amount of flies we have to deal with in our kitchen/dining at night. Something like this!


There is nothing worse than spending the evening with the feeling that something is crawling on your head let alone trying to cook dinner while being dive-bombed by mating pairs too busy making Love to watch out for me.

After spending days killing them with my Whacker and still finding hordes of them covering the bench in the morning I finally succumbed and bought one of those automatic sprayers. I really don't like the thought of it spraying continuously especially as the only space we can install it is above the doorway we use the most.

Miss 8 thinks we should buy one of those electric tennis racket things so it will be awesome fun to kill the flies, I personally like to get up in the morning so I can get them all while they are cold and sluggish, although I probably look crazy wandering around in my P.j's yelling take that you dirty buggars! lol