Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Burning Question

My daughter went on a school trip today and I am really pissed off.

As a parent of an extremely pasty child who's skin can be almost see through I spend a fortune each year making sure we have at least 10 times our own body weight in sunscreen in every travel pack , gym / swim bag as well as numerous Roll On versions for easy application by Miss 8 if an adult is not on hand.

Her primary school has just received their Sun-Smart accreditation, what this means I don't really know but it certainly is not being implemented in a way that is benefiting the children.

Most children are well known for having no ears and most certainly say they have done something when they really haven't, but I would have thought it was the teachers responsibility as the adult in charge to ensure children spending the day at the pool would be sufficiently smothered in sunscreen.

I have already complained to the school about Miss L being sunburnt before  hence why my internal rage is at boiling point but am I being too sensitive and placing blame where it is not warranted?

Even if I am some-one will be feeling my rage at the school tomorrow when I arrive to drop off my child whose face is as red as a............

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