Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Little Wing

We have a pond in the very heart of our city which is shaped like a butterfly 

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Here at home we have our own butterfly thing going on after finding a couple of swan plants popping up in a garden we had other plans for we got dirty and transplanted them closer to the house for a bit of shelter.

We now spend mornings checking out what the caterpillars are up to and rescuing the ones who have fallen off in the night. it is great to see many fat ones getting ready to spin their Chrysalis. Sadly some have not made it through the night which has made Miss L very sad. Hopefully she will be home at just the time one decides to emerge!

If you are ever in our town make sure you visit Apollo Park as it is an amazing experience being able to lay under a tree and see hundreds of butterflies, and if your interested click the link below and watch a time-lapse video of our Butterfly Pond.