Friday, 27 December 2013

Hair Idols!

Much like fashion I don't generally get into seeing myself in a negative light. I'm getting older and am realistic that my skin is not going to look quite as fab as it did in my twenty's.

The only thing I have ever wanted to change about myself was my hair!
Try and try as hard as I may I still experience huge amounts of hair envy whenever we go to parties and all the other lady's ooze effortlessly stylish locks and I have mine straightened, clayed, sprayed and it still looks like birds are nesting in it.

Earlier this year I had my hair relaxed using a non-permanent method and the results were great.

I loved how smooth & shiny it was and easy to managed I barely needed to bother with it part from a quick straighten after sleeping on it wet (which I found out this year is a big no no!)

It lasted several months but when I had it done a second time for whatever reason it was not quite as good, I think because the stylist did not spend as much time blowing it out or anywhere as much solution. So I am now back to searching for hair inspiration but will always be wishing for hair like Lana Del Rey's or Jennifer Love Hewitt's


 For now though I might grow out the top a bit and go for more of a Kelly Osbourne look.

 I think it is still stylish with a touch of casual Glam and a bit of funk and seem as I have an undercut thing going on at the moment it wont take long to grow it out long enough to set in waves.