Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Taking back the streets!

A very interesting woman whom I secretly stalk on facebook originally because of her & partner Steve's Imagination Doors business and now because of her intelligent and socially aware discussions and her blog , has turned me onto a web-site which is trying to raise awareness of Street Harrasment.
They are trying to highlight how regularly it happens by having people share their storys of what has happened to them & how it has left them feeling.

"Hollaback! Wellington is part of an international movement to end street harassment. Put simply, Hollaback is a network of blogs and several mobile applications. Through this technology, individuals can submit stories of their experiences of street harassment. We then mark them using the Google Maps API on a map of Wellington so that we can all see where these events occurred and begin to break the silence around this form of gender-based violence" 

I think this is fantastic as we don't really hear about this type of offending unless it turns into a tragedy the media can sensationalise such as road rage or murder. Unfortunately what happens in New York hotels seems to be far more important than what goes on in our own country to increasingly younger & younger victims and what is worse is that the victims are having their own lives scrutinised in order to discredit their complaints of abuse.

Hopefully this website will expand to include other regions as well so we can all find comfort in knowing there is help at hand.

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel uneasy or unsafe and are unable to remove yourself from it call the police, scream or draw attention to yourself so others may help.