Friday, 5 August 2011

My Epiphanie!

I feel bad for Americans, no-one should have to go through the worry of not being paid their entitlements because politicians want to act like a bunch of 10 year old's on the playground but on the other hand for us average Joe Blogs at the bottom of the world it has helped our dollar soar and has opened up new shopping possibilities we would never have dreamed of here in Aotearoa.

My dream purchase is from Epiphanie Bags . An adorable Belle seen here being coveted by Karen Walrond.

I hope when I finally get mine, one-day hopefully sooner rather than later (sorry America) depending on how our dollar keeps climbing against the green-back that I look as stylish and beautiful as Karen.

Also on a side note I was featured on the Epiphanie Blog unfortunately not for my photographic genius but for my Crap Shots. They are reviving it as a way for us out there in blog land to show our images that will never be award winners but are dear to our hearts and are most definitely far from being delete worthy.

Pop on over and check it out and maybe even have an Epiphanie of your own!