Thursday, 2 January 2014


What seems like a very long time ago now, My husband and a friend decided they would enter the world of magazine publication, which started us on a road  (Literally)  to the D1NZ Drift Champs at Manfeild raceway in Feilding where we all photographed our first Drift meet.

For the next year or so we all spent many late nights writing, editing, designing & copy editing mixed in with a load of horsing around and computer networking drama's.
Sadly because of pressure from other publications and cash-flow problems we really could keep up our full time obligations as well as the other 60 hours + needing to be put into the magazine.

It was certainly a load of exciting Drama while it lasted, I just really wish I had managed to actually get myself into one of those cars to experience the thrill from the inside.
I will just have to spend hours watching You-tube videos like this one instead.