Tuesday, 24 December 2013

When a Child is Born

We have all heard of the miracle that twas the birth of Jesus on Christmas day.
I am not a religious person but thankfully another brave woman gave birth to a baby boy in time to enjoy her Hospital Christmas Dinner and that bonnie fella grew up and married me!

I have been trying to find a funny birthday card for hubby this year but due to work commitments and a recent serious health problem I shoved it on my do LATER pile (which happens to be huge this year) and somehow it turned out that LATER has come today!

I found a couple of cards on and luckily I have access to a photo lab to do my printing so I guess I will be finishing the card instead of having a tea break today!

Now to just decide which one to print!

Also is anyone keen on making a birthday cake and delivering it to me or will I be pulling an all night baking session!