Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Its been awhile!

I was having a computer tidy up last night thanks to Google deciding to shut down Google Reader and in the process of migrating my hundreds of pages, RSS feeds and blogs I follow it seems Turning Back to Home  had become lost in the internettysphere.

It took me awhile to get around it with some Internet cunning I made up on the spot which involved some colourful language and violent key stabbing which may have left my finger tips slightly bruised. When I spoke to DH about it he offered up no words of wisdom but instead chose to point out that I have not posted anything for ages.

So here I am most likely avoiding doing something else or pretending to be doing important business and finally posting something. DH if your dinner is not cooked tonight this is why ( hehe yes I know its only 3pm but I am now tired from using my brain and need to nap).

Picture from The Meta Picture