Sunday, 5 February 2012

Juiced no more

I have stood down from my position as Copy Editor of Juiced Custom Automotive magazine as it was turning into a drag! Not so much for me (I love being anal about stuff) but more for the writers and the guys putting the mag together.

As the mag has grown so to did the hours required to put it all together and when those hours are clocking close to a full time job all for no pay things get a bit titchy. I have decided it will be more fun to just read it once it is printed.

One good thing has come out of it I actually have some of my photos printed in a real magazine!

I love this for the mere fact he has managed to write the Initial 'G' with the bubbly!

  Yay for me! not as cool as having them featured on the Epiphanie blog though!

So a bit sad that the end has come so soon, although I am sure to still get updates from hubby as he slaves away for free!