Sunday, 12 June 2011

So it has begun!

The count-down is on. 5 weeks until we are living in a new town. Far out I hope it doesn't fly past too quickly!

We managed to get all the small boxes we had packed moved to the storage shed thanks to some help from
Mr C.C. and had a good drive around the neighbourhood we want to live in to look at homes, parks and second-hand shops.

It is real now! no changing our minds, no turning back, no reading a good book until we move ( I will have to visit the library for one to last till we move).

The weather was crappy and so was the service when we went out for dinner but I am not letting that get in the way of enjoying what we are moving towards.

Before we came back to Wellington this morning we headed off to the veggie market which is held at the Cloverlea Tavern and grabbed a 5kg of spuds which will last till we move for $4 . We filled up on enough fruit and Veg for at least a fortnight for an extra $11 which is way cheaper than my current budget of $25 a week that seems to run out by the time Monday rolls around. It feels GOOD to know our food bill will be reduced when we move.