Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Got a spare 300k US

If you do I would totally love you forever if you could buy this house for me to use as an Office/Studio when it comes back from the Solar Decathlon.

I am totally amazed at the clever designs the students have come up with and was even more impressed by the standard of which they presented it to the public at the recent open day at Frank Kitts park.

My lovely husband took L to play on the BIG SLIDE ( which went badly) while I stood in line ( behind a boho chic young girl)  for what seemed like forever so I could perv at all the nooks & cranny's.

I so wish I could dress like this and not look odd!

Love the bathroom! A hanging toilet and basin are so much easier to clean.

 The Desk / storage unit was great and also served to divide the dining area from the bedroom.

I wish the best for the team as they prepare to head off to the United States to compete at the Solar Decathlon. Go Kiwi's Go!