Sunday, 29 May 2011

A New Beginning

And so it begins finally we are "Turning back to Home"

(that little speck in on the left is my darling Liliana making a cheeky monkey face!)

It's something we have been working towards for awhile now. Back to the place I was born, where the creek had trees with hobbit holes, kids would roam the streets in packs and parents felt safe not knowing where their children were every minute of the day!

The future of our wee family is changing and whilst many arguments have been and are still to be had, we have formed a plan. Said plan will see us moving 130km's from where we are now back to home. Palmerston North is not a major city but still a nice place to be if you know where to look.

Many have questioned my/our need to leave the wee community of Tawa nestled in the valley between the Porirua Harbour and the Bustling metropolis that is Wellington City because the turn we are taking is not one they would choose.

I believe that turning back will take us forward and bring us closer to where we want to be.

I love Wellington and there will be many things I will miss with all my heart, the fantastic Beaches, walks and parks so many that we have barely scratched the surface in the nearly six years we have lived here and all the wonderful friends we have made!

I will pine for my favourite place to shop { }  not the most amazing website but my first stop for most things for the home.

Frank Kitts Park which has Liliana's favourite slide (more lovingly referred to as BIG SLIDE PARK) and the whole water front area in general.

Things I wont miss, ridiculous 4WD's that have never been off-road ever and the constant smell of car fumes that leave us gasping for breath on the short walk to L's school.

It will be nice to look out our lounge window and not see someone nearly get run over at the crossing on a daily basis!!! (I will never forget the time I asked L to open the curtains and she called out "oh look someone is under a car" she was only about 3yrs old) needless to say road safety is a much talked about issue in our home.

Most of all I definitely wont miss the Mall, I do love a good shop every now and then, but try to do so with a list in hand so I don't end up roaming aimlessly like most of the blank faced shoppers we see on the occasional visit. When L was small we did take advantage of it being a warm place to go on a cold winters day when money was tight, we still share one plate between the 3 of us at the food-court.

......there are also many things I would like to do before we go.

- The City and Sea museum a place we have walked past hundreds of times   
   but never stopped at.

- Martha's Pantry for High Tea with Miss L

- The bush walk up Colonial Knob which we look out onto from our home .

- If the opportunity arose a night out on the town with my husband. We could try to make it better than the night we got to see Kanye West play at the TSB Arena with upgraded seats right above the stage all for FREEEEEEE!

All to soon it will be time to open those curtains and look out on our fantastic urban rural view for the last time but for now I would just like to reminisce.

I do hope you decide to join me !